“Endeavour PT totally exceeded my expectations! I’ve been to other PTs and gyms, but the vibe and energy I get from this place is just so amazing. Maryam is super sweet, but at the same time, will definitely make you work! She carefully plans out the circuit training so that you work every part of your body, and I felt like in an hour I got a full comprehensive workout. I highly recommend this place.”
Doctor Alice, Lake Forest CA.

“Several months ago I went on a search looking for a recommendation for a personal trainer. From several recommendations, I chose Maryam Stevenson. I wanted someone knowledgeable, personable and someone who would take into consideration my fitness level and personalize a workout routine to help me strengthen my legs and glutes for an upcoming hip replacement surgery. Wow! Am I glad I chose to work with Maryam. She customized and personalized my workouts and adjusted the routine as needed. We have gone beyond the legs/glutes and have improved my overall strength level. I’ve gotten much more than I ever expected and am so glad I pursued a recommendation and hired her to be my coach. I have no hesitation recommending Maryam at all.”
Marna, Lake Forest CA.

“Maryam is great. I have never felt so good. I am someone who never worked out before let alone worked with a personal trainer. The exercises are chosen just for you and guidance in nutrition is invaluable. I would never go anywhere else, now that I have worked with her as my coach…… I just can’t say enough about Maryam, you won’t regret working with her.”
Louisa B., Lake Forest CA.

“Maryam is an amazing trainer! I’ve only been working out with her for a few months but everything from my cholesterol and A1C levels to my physical, cognitive and emotional status has improved dramatically. No more naps or chronic headaches and pain. She understands that for me to become physically healthy, I have to work out and eat well and also keep emotionally and mentally fit. She provides lots of education, and the support she gives me goes well past our personal training session.”
Anna C., Irvine CA.

“I have been working with Maryam for the past 3 months and have learned so much. I am excited to work towards a healthier me. She has made every training session comfortable, fun and effective. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I recommend her highly to anyone who wants to make positive lifestyle changes. SHE IS AMAZING!”
Mayra A., Fullerton CA.

“Maryam is a very dedicated trainer. I’ve been working out for the past few weeks and am dedicated to transforming myself with her help and guidance. I highly recommend Maryam.”
Linda, Mission Viejo CA.

“I just started the Get Off Your Booty Camp class with Maryam and it is killer! I’ve never done a bootcamp class as they’ve always seemed so intimidating. Maryam has made my first experience a great one! She’s friendly, knowledgeable, caring, very encouraging and motivates you to go beyond your limits in a safe and efficient way. I highly recommend Maryam to anyone who wants a great challenging workout – for beginners to advanced levels.”
Susan, Trabucco Canyon CA.

“Having the opportunity to work with Maryam for a year now has been amazing! I started wanting to regain my strength after having 2 kids and of course losing some weight. I couldn’t even run across the grass field on the first day I met Maryam in our boot camp class. Now I can lift a 25lb kettlebell, fit into clothes I couldn’t a year ago, and learned more about my body and how to take care of it. Maryam gives great advice, and feedback if I feel anything is wrong with my body. I’m pretty aware when something is wrong but don’t always know. That’s where she fits into my life perfectly. The boot camp is not a typical boot camp where someone might feel like they can’t keep up or he/she is pushed too much. Maryam gives us options to modify but still encourages us to push ourselves beyond what we think we can do, because we can. It’s all in the mind!! I would encourage anyone to join Maryam in her personal training or bootcamp classes! You won’t be disappointed.”
Prathima, Irvine CA.

“I began Get off your Booty Camp with Maryam in March 2017. For years I had been searching for the “right” exercise program for me and quite frankly had not had much luck. My neighbor and I signed up for the Lake Forest class and I was immediately drawn to Maryam’s vibrant and energetic personality. She immediately took me under her wing and showed a sincere interest in my health and exercise journey. Though she challenged me, and continues to, it feels great. Maryam introduced me to better nutritional choices and a challenge which has been a life changer. My husband and I started the nutrition challenge and we were enjoying the benefits so much that even after all this time, we are still on the plan. I lost seven pounds and several inches while my husband lost 25 pounds and is no longer snoring-yea! Maryam is my go to when it comes to exercise and nutrition. Maryam goes above what a normal bootcamp instructor does and takes the time to check in and genuinely cares about her bootcampers. I love Maryam as a person and her class and knowledge has been a welcomed addition in my life. After six months, Maryam continues to challenge me physically and I continue to look forward to my Tuesday and Thursday evening class.”
Tanya, Lake Forest CA.

“I am 66 years old and am in the best physical condition I’ve been in since high school due to training with Maryam for nearly a year. I feel she gears my training specifically for my needs. She’s strict and firm and highly motivating, which is what I need. Each time I leave the gym, I know I’ve had a good hard, productive work out and I’m pumped up and feeling strong.”
Sara, Placentia CA.

“Luck was on my side when I found Maryam, my extraordinary wellness coach. Before I started training with Maryam, I was a person who was unfamiliar with regular exercise and the fulfillment of challenging myself beyond that which was easily attainable. With patience, kindness, knowledge, humor and creativity, she found a multitude of ways to motivate me to reach beyond my assumed limitations and achieve all types of physical goals. Her attention to form and detail helped me to understand the strength and importance of isolating muscle groups to obtain desired results. Additionally, her extensive knowledge about nutrition and supplementation augmented my work out regimen and allowed me to reach my goals quicker than I ever thought possible. Maryam is absolutely the best trainer I have ever had. She truly cares about her clients and I know for a fact, makes a positive difference in the lives of every person she trains. An hour spent training with Maryam will spoil you for any other trainer. There just aren’t any better trainers out there!”
Kelly, Tustin CA.

“I started training with Maryam after having my second baby. I had a c-section and had difficulty losing the baby weight and toning my core; and I also needed an accountability partner. Maryam was very good at keeping me motivated, listened to what my needs were and was fun to work out with. She was able to strike the balance between motivating and pushing me, without making me feel bad about my body. Maryam also counseled me about nutrition and encouraged me to address that as part of an overall plan to get me to my goals. Although I did not listen to her about nutrition at first, I finally did take her advice and was able to not only meet my goal of my pre-baby weight, but actually exceeded my goal!”
Rebecca, Irvine CA.

“Maryam is truly an awesome instructor, personal trainer, wellness coach, and nutrition guru. She is incredibly knowledgeable and will answer any questions you may have regarding technique, fitness or healthy eating! Maryam is different than most because she quickly becomes a trusted friend, she really listens to your needs/wants and does everything in her power to help you succeed. I have been working out with Maryam for over a year and have seen improvements in my endurance and strength and she has definitely helped tighten my trouble areas (aka my booty)! She always has encouraging words, helpful tips and tricks and will make working out fun! I never know what new exercise she will bring to the workout but I can guarantee it will be effective and never boring!”
Jessica, Rancho Santa Margarita

“Not ever having used a trainer before, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’m satisfied with the progress I’m making and feel my goals of being and feeling stronger and healthier are being met.”
Becky, Irvine CA.

“Maryam’s workouts are never boring and she finds the right balance between pushing you hard, but being super supportive and appreciative of honest effort. She asks excellent questions about what your goals are, makes smart recommendations about diet and nutrition and genuinely cares about the happiness and success of her clients. She frequently offers to spend a few minutes with someone after a session to stretch them out or show them how to use the foam roller on their own. Maryam empowered me to lose more than 20 pounds over the course of 9 months. I know I couldn’t have done it without her, but she makes me feel like it was all me. I hope to work with Maryam for a long time to come!”
Penny, Anaheim CA.

“Maryam is an outstanding personal trainer. She is very knowledgeable and works with each client closely to insure they are doing the exercises correctly. She is encouraging and uses her knowledge of diet and exercise to get the maximum results. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”
Alison, Irvine CA.